Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cool Ancient Gold Coins

Ancient Roman Gold Aureus Coin of Emperor Augustus - 10 BC. $ 5,800

Augustus was the founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, ruling from 27 BC until his death in AD 14. He was born Gaius Octavius. His maternal great-uncle Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC, and Octavius was named in Caesar's will as his adopted son and heir, then known as Octavianus (Anglicized as Octavian). He, Mark Antony, and Marcus Lepidus formed the Second Triumvirate to defeat the assassins of Caesar.
Ancient Celtic AV Gold Remic Stater Coin from the Atrebates Tribe - 55 BC. $1,600.00.

The Atrebates were a Belgic tribe of Gaul and Britain. In 57 BC, they were part of a Belgic military alliance in response to Julius Caesar's conquests elsewhere in Gaul, contributing 15,000 men.
Ancient Gold Byzantine Solidus Coin of Jesus Christ & Emperor Justinian II. $8,000.00.

Justinian II (669 – 11 December 711) was the last Byzantine Emperor of the Heraclian Dynasty, reigning from 685 to 695 and again from 705 to 711.
Ancient Byzantine Gold Solidus Coin of Empress Irene - Constantinople Mint. $11,900.00

Irene, (752, died Aug. 9, 803) was a Byzantine ruler and saint of the Greek Orthodox Church who was instrumental in restoring the use of icons in the Eastern Roman Empire.
An extremely rare, large and important English Medieval gold sovereign struck under King Henry VIII. The obverse depicting the King, enthroned holding orb and sceptre, portcullis at feet, his cloak falling over his feet in folds, ornate pillars either side.
The legend reading:


"Henry, by the Grace of God, King of England and France, Lord of Ireland" - $19,500.00