Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Antibe Therapeutics Inc. - ATE.v

Antibe Therapeutics Inc. - ATE.v develops safer medicines for pain and inflammation. Antibe’s technology involves linking a hydrogen sulfide-releasing molecule to an existing drug to produce a patented, improved medicine. Antibe’s lead drug ATB-346 targets the global need for a safer drug for chronic pain and inflammation.
On March 20, 2018 the company released NEWS

Antibe Therapeutics Inc.'s lead drug, ATB-346, met its primary end point in the phase 2B gastrointestinal safety study. The double-blind study was conducted in 244 healthy volunteers and was designed to demonstrate the superiority of ATB-346 in GI safety compared with naproxen, the most prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug in the United States. Subjects on ATB-346 exhibited an ulceration rate of 2.5 per cent versus an ulceration rate of 42.1 per cent for subjects on naproxen at the end of the two-week treatment period, with a very high degree of statistical significance (p was less than 0.001). ATB-346 was also safe and well tolerated.
On February 26, 2018 the company released NEWS

Antibe Therapeutics Inc. would like to confirm the previously announced timing for its Phase 2B double-blind clinical trial of ATB-346. The final subject has now completed treatment and the subsequent two-week monitoring period. The CRO conducting the study, Topstone Research Inc. , is currently performing data validation and analysis. Antibe remains on its previously announced schedule and anticipates being in a position to report top-line results during the week of March 19th, 2018.