Monday, September 21, 2015

Golden treasure found in Caucasus tomb

Grave robbers in the Apsheronsk District of the Krasnodar region missed the 2300 year old tomb of a warrior buried with a treasure.

The most spectacular object is a golden fibula-brooch which has an oval crystal set in its heart. The 5.8cm by 4.8cm object is finely carved and decorated.

Among the gold artifacts found in 2013 is an agate-inlaid plaque which formed part of the sheath of the warrior's sword which was buried between his legs.
Two bronze helmets are among the most significant finds. One is adorned with carvings of rams horns while the other is patterned with zig-zags.

Also part of the treasure trove was a bronze mirror, an iron tripod, glass and pottery, a battle-axe and several spears and arrows.
Buried high in the Caucasus mountains, researchers say they are lucky to find the untouched grave site as the ancient necropolis had been discovered and ransacked by looters in 2004.

The necropolis itself is considered as belonging to the Late Hellenistic and Early Roman eras. The necropolis appears to have been in use between the third century B.C. and the beginning of the second century A.D.