Friday, November 22, 2013

Cardiome Pharma Corp. - COM.t

Cardiome Pharma Corp. - COM.t is a research-based biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of new therapies that will improve the quality of life and health of patients.

The company strives to find innovative medicines that provide values to patients, physicians and healthcare systems.

On November 21, 2013 the company released NEWS

"Cardiome Pharma Corp. (NASDAQ: CRME / TSX: COM) today announced that a publication titled, Pharmacological Cardioversion of Atrial Fibrillation with Vernakalant: Evidence in Support of the ESC Guidelines, was published in Europace, the official Journal of the European Heart Rhythm Association, and was made available in the advanced online article access section. The authors conclude that BRINAVESS is an efficacious and rapid acting pharmacological cardioversion agent, for recent-onset atrial fibrillation (AF,) that can be used first line in patients with little or no underlying cardiovascular disease and in patients with moderate disease, such as stable coronary and hypertensive heart disease.

“The recent update of the ESC Guidelines on atrial fibrillation includes a discussion of the evidence base for the use of BRINAVESS and recommends its use as a first line agent for the conversion of AF to sinus rhythm,” stated Dr. John Camm, Professor of Clinical Cardiology at St. George’s University in London, UK. “Based on completed clinical trials, BRINAVESS is effective, fast acting and well tolerated, and provides acute care physicians with an opportunity to pharmacologically cardiovert recent-onset AF patients including those with no or moderate structural heart disease.”