Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cool Gold Coins for Sale

A Medeival Islamic gold dinar coin from the Ilkhanid Period struck circa 1256 - 1335 A.D.

$ 895
Medieval English Hammered Gold Pound Sovereign Coin of Queen Elizabeth I - 1594 ELIZABETH D G ANG FRA ET HIB REGINA

"Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland"

"May the Shield of Faith Protect Her".

Byzantine gold solidus of Emperors Constantine V Copronymus, (dung-named) Leo III and Leo IV struck circa 741 - 775 A.D. at the Syracuse mint. The obverse depicts the facing busts of Constantine V, bearded and Leo IV, beardless, each wearing chlamys, cross on staff of pellets between. $1,950.00
A solid gold ancient Byzantine solidus of Emperor Phocas, struck 603 - 604 A.D. Minted in Carthage. The obverse depicts the bust of Focas, shown with cross-topped crown and holding the globus cruciger in his right hand.

The globus symbolises Christ's authority over the world, and by proxy the authority of the Byzantine ruler. The legend reading: D[ominvs] N[oster] FOCAS PERP[etvvs] ANZ

"Our Lord Focas, Perpetual Emperor"