Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Buccellati Green Beryl and Multi-Colored Sapphire Earrings
Buccellati has been well-known since the mid 1700s in the Italian Jewelry industry. The first Buccellati Jewelry house was established in 1919 in Italy by Conterado Buccellati.

Buccellati is known for the impeccable quality of its Italian gold.

18k Yellow Gold & Platinum Diamond & Ruby Bracelet
The company is the patriarch of haute Italian jewelry. Goldsmith Mario Buccellati was the first among Italian Goldsmiths to open a shop on Fifth Ave in New York and later in Palm Beach.

As his popularity gained, his clientele came to include the Vatican and the Royal Courts of Europe, leading to his nickname, “The Prince of Goldsmiths.”
Mario Buccellati drew upon the work of the Renaissance and Eighteen Century craftsman for design. The world-famous brand has cultivated a style all its own, distinguished by the use of refined techniques such as tulle, lace and honeycomb.

The house also gives jewelry a fabric effect by brushing and mattifying metals, and it often mixes silver and gold for texture and light enhancement. Dense gem encrustation gives Buccellati’s jewelry its rich texture.
In 1965, Mario’s son Gianmaria, who designed his first piece of jewelry at the age of twelve, took over the family firm after his death. Both a gifted designer and goldsmith, Gianmaria proved to be a wise businessman as well, expanding the business by opening a number of boutiques around the world.

Today, the name Buccellati is synonymous with the finest in handcrafted gold jewelry.
The company works through a stable of nearly 300 artisans throughout Italy who are skilled in a specific technique of making jewelry. The company only produces one of a kind or extremely limited editions of their pieces.

It produces approximately 4,000 pieces per year, including handmade silver objects and watches.