Monday, March 16, 2015

Famous Diamonds IV

The Chopard Chameleon Diamond is a 31.32 carat oval-cut chameleon diamond and the largest known.

The chameleon diamond has the ability to temporarily change colour after heating or long storage in the dark.
The Nur-ul-ain, “light of the eye” is a brilliant-cut oval diamond of around 60 carats. Together with the even larger Darya-i-noor diamond, it is considered one of the two most-celebrated gems among the Iranian crown jewels.
The Darya-i-noor, ‘sea of light’ is the world’s largest pink diamond, weighing 186 carats. It is table cut with exceptional clarity. The diamond came from India's famous Golconda mines and is part of the crown jewels of Iran.
The Portuguese Diamond weighs 127.01 carats and is graded M in color and VS-1 in clarity, with very strong blue fluorescence. Its octagonal emerald cut makes it one of the world's most magnificent gems.
The Moon Of Baroda is a 24.04 carat canary yellow diamond once worn by both Empress Therese of Austria and Marilyn Monroe.

The Eureka diamond was the first ever discovered in South Africa in 1866. The diamond was found along the shores of Hopetown’s Orange River. The rough diamond weighed 231 carats. The stone was purchased by De Beers in 1967. It is now on permanent display at the Kimberly Museum in South Africa.
The Golden Eye. This 43.51 carat internally flawless fancy yellow diamond was seized in a drug sting and auctioned off by the U.S. Government in 2011 for $2,480,000.

The Rob Red Diamond is pear shaped, 0.59ct fancy red, VS1 clarity. It has been described as the most saturated and purest red diamond measured to date in the world.

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