Monday, January 9, 2017


Verdura is an American fine jeweler and specialty retailer, headquartered in New York.

Founded in 1939 by Duke Fulco di Verdura, its present-day collection is based on designs created by Fulco during his lifetime, as well as vintage estate pieces.
Fulco di Verdura was a Sicilian duke who began his career as Coco Chanel’s head jewelry designer. After eight years with Chanel Verdura embarked to America in 1934.

With a Hollywood connection through his close friend Cole Porter, Verdura designed colorful jewels for stars of the era. Verdura was appointed "America's Crown Jeweler" by the New York Times, and is considered one of the premier jewelry designers of the 20th century. In 1985, Ward Landrigan purchased Verdura and continued the tradition of creating timeless designs from the nearly 10,000 sketches Fulco made in his lifetime.
Verdura is known for its innovative designs, expertise, craftsmanship and quality gemstone pieces.