Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bizarre X-Rays

A Chinese man sought medical help after he failed to extract a bottle with a curved piece of wire. He admitted that he inserted a bottle before it got stuck. He used a steel wire in an attempt to get it out.

Wu Moude, 22, fell on top of a steel bar that pushed 15cm into his head from underneath his chin. It took 5 hours of surgery to remove … surgeons had to cut open his windpipe and skull.

A set of car keys penetrated the eyelid of a 17-month-old baby. There was no permanent damage.

Patrick Lawler complained about a toothache. The x-ray showed a 4-inch nail in the roof of this construction worker’s mouth, which he unknowingly embedded in his skull 6 days before.

A mental patient who swallowed two forks - plus a ballpoint

A 13 year old slipped on an icy floor at school. Xiao Lin fell forward onto a hook which embedded into his eye. The surgeon commented: "He’s very lucky to be alive.”

X-ray reveals a diamond ring inside the stomach of Wilfredo Gonzalez-Crus, 30, from Chicago. He stole the ring from the home of a women and then swallowed it.

A man was picking his teeth with a pair of scissors, but then started laughing.

A nail was found in a man’s head after he came to a Seoul hospital, complaining about a severe headache. Doctors speculated that the nail got there as a result of an accident 4 years earlier.

Doctors forgot something important during surgery: the scissors.

A 16-year-old boy escaped death when a 5-inch knife was stuck into his head.