Monday, October 3, 2016

Louvre Exhibit Showcases Treasures of Thrace

Some of Bulgaria’s famous Thracian treasures are part of a major new exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris. The exhibition, one of the largest ever of Thracian art, illuminates the power, lifestyle and artistic achievements of ancient Thrace, a region located between the Black and Aegean Seas. It brings together more than 1,600 objects from 17 Bulgarian museums and several international museums including the Louvre and the Prado Museum, giving visitors an opportunity to see in one place some of the most significant Thracian artifacts that have been discovered in Bulgaria.
The Odrysian kingdom was mostly on the territory of present-day Bulgaria but also included parts of modern Greece and Turkey. It was a regional power which was involved in the struggle with the Macedonian kingdom and with Athens and Sparta.
Hilt with gold inlay of Seuthes III's sword. ca. 331 BC.
One of the exhibition highlights is the bronze head of Seuthes III.
Another highlight is the Panagyuriste gold treasure, which was excavated in 1949 and consists of gold drinking vessels that are elaborately decorated with mythological scenes and images, showcasing the artistic skills of the Thracians.

Rare gold hemidrachm from Thasos, Thracian islands.