Monday, June 8, 2015

The A3 Burpham Ghost Crash

On December 11, 2002 at roughly 7:20 PM, drivers on the A3 in Surrey began to call in about an accident involving a car that had swerved off the road with its headlights blazing and went into the underbrush down the embankment off the side of the highway at Burpham near Guildford.

When officers went to investigate, they found no sign of the vehicle. Indeed, it appeared to have vanished. The underbrush itself was high and thick; it did not look disturbed at all. A further search was ordered, with chilling results.
Just 20 yards from the reported 'crash scene' and buried in twisted undergrowth was the remains of a wrecked car and the skeleton of a man.

Police believed that the driver's body had laid undiscovered for five months. Motorists are now wondering if what they saw was a ghostly apparition of the original crash.
The body was identified from dental records as that of 21-year-old Christopher Brian Chandler from Middlesex, who had been on the run from the Metropolitan Police since July 16 that year. He was wanted for robbery. Chandler crawled from his Vauxhall Astra, but could not climb the bank of the A3 at Burpham, Surrey, to seek help. The inquest was told that the driver's door was badly damaged and it was likely that Mr Chandler had crawled out using the passenger door.

Dr Ashley Fegan-Earl, a pathologist, said it was impossible to establish the cause of death, but Mr Chandler had suffered injuries to his right side consistent with a crash.

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