Thursday, December 15, 2016

Crater of Diamonds State Park - "Esperanza Diamond"

There is nothing quite like it.

A diamond discovered in Arkansas is believed to be the most expensive diamond ever found in the U.S. 8.52 carats in it’s rough form, the icicle-like stone was then polished down to a 4.6-carat finished diamond.
It’s believed to be the fourth largest finished American diamond. The diamond features a 147 facet, teardrop cut triolette shape, internally flawless, “D” colour. The diamond’s absence of nitrogen made it difficult to work with. Nitrogen not only turns a diamond yellow, it also makes it softer and easier to cut.
“That diamond took over 100 hours to cut but then we had to do amelioration on the finish of the diamond and took another 80 hours so a total of 180 hours.”

It is icicle-shaped, so he had to come up with a unique design to maximize the beauty of this particular diamond. He said the baseline value for the Esperanza is $200,000, but it could go much higher.
The Crater of Diamonds is a 911 acre state park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas that contains a 37.5 acre plowed field in which visitors can literally dig for diamonds.

It's the world's only diamond-bearing site that's accessible to the public.
The largest diamond ever discovered in the US, the 40.23-carat Uncle Sam, was found there in 1924. It was cut twice, resulting in a final 12.42-carat (2.484 g) M-color, VVS1 clarity emerald-cut diamond.

In 1971, the Uncle Sam was sold for $150,000.