Friday, July 22, 2016

The Jersey Hoard

In late 2013 news broke of a massive ancient coin hoard found in Jersey. At least 50,000 coins dating back to the time of Julius Caesar were found in a field. The Roman and Celtic coins, which date from the 1st Century BC, were found by two metal detector enthusiasts.

The exact number of coins found has not been established, but archaeologists said the hoard weighed about three quarters of a tonne.
The hoard astounded archaeologists.
Jersey Heritage's conservation team have been excavating an area known to contain gold jewellery. One end of a solid gold torc was uncovered.

The find follows the discovery of two other solid gold torcs - one gold-plated and one of an unknown alloy - along with a silver brooch and a crushed sheet gold tube.

It is the first hoard of coins found in the island for more than 60 years.

Several hoards of Celtic coins have been found in Jersey before but the largest was in 1935 at La Marquanderie when more than 11,000 were discovered.
"This is the world's biggest Celtic coin hoard ever, this was a significant part of a tribe's wealth.

"It is also one of the world's biggest coin hoards and certainly the biggest coin hoard found in Britain." The value of the hoard was estimated at up to £10m when it was first removed from the ground.