Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Forbes Fabergé Easter Egg Collection

In 2013 Russian energy tycoon Victor Vekselberg bought the largest private collection of nine Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs, expected to have been auctioned by the Forbes family. No price was disclosed. Pre-auction estimates were that the eggs and the rest of the Forbes Fabergé collection would sell for between $80m to $120m.

The "Coronation Egg" presented by Tsar Nicholas II to his wife at Easter 1897 was set to become the most expensive piece of decorative art in the world with a Sotheby's estimate up to $24m.

The Lillies of the Valley Egg - 1898 est $ 12 to $ 18m

The Fifteenth Anniversary Egg - 1911 est $10 to $15m

The Orange Tree Egg - 1911 est $10 to $15m

The Cuckoo (Cockerel) Egg - 1900 est $5 to $7m

The Renaissance Egg - 1894
Est $5 to $7m

Order of St. George Egg - 1916 est $4 to $6m

The Rosebud Egg - 1895 est $3 to $4m

The Hen Egg - 1885 est $3 to $4m