Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Pogue Coin Collection

An 1804 silver dollar is worth $8 to $10m.
The world's greatest private collection of American coins was sold in a record-breaking series of seven auctions at Sotherby's and Stack's Bowers Galleries. Gathered over more than 30 years by Texas property developer A. Mack Pogue and his son, D. Brent Pogue, the collection contains coins from the early years of the American republic, from 1792 to the 1830s.

These are the most sought-after U.S. coins in existence, as the crude production techniques of the period meant that the coins were fragile, making surviving high-quality examples extremely rare.

A 1796 quarter dollar

1793 chain cent–the nation’s earliest penny

The 1795 Flowing Hair, Three Leaves silver dollar

1797 half dollar coin is worth up to $1.75m

1822 five dollar gold coin $8m
An 1808 quarter eagle led Stack's Bowers and Sotheby's sale of the Brent D Pogue collection in New York on May 20, 2015. The lot sold for $2.3m, setting a new world record for a US quarter eagle at auction.