Friday, January 20, 2017

Debswana installs full body x-ray machines

Despite concerns about possible health implications, Debswana has installed full body x-ray machines at its mines to try to prevent diamond thefts.

The issue has caused disagreement between Debswana and the Botswana Mine Workers Union, which believes that not only are the Scannex Full Body search x-ray machines potentially hazardous, but that there are already adequate diamond security measures in place.

The BMWU says the machines will expose workers to ionizing radiation. Debswana has countered that the installation of the machines will improve diamond security and will also eliminate the need for body searches.

Debswana claims that there had been occasions when stones from diamond mining fields in neighboring countries were found in mining operations in Botswana.

It is thought criminal syndicates schemed with some Debswana employees to substitute high-value diamonds mined in the Botswana operations with “low-value” diamonds from countries such as Namibia and Zimbabwe.