Friday, September 8, 2017

LCBO to run 150 marijuana stores in Ontario - Inevitable TO

Premier Kathleen Wynne is cornering Ontario’s recreational marijuana market by restricting sales to 150 LCBO-run stores. The standalone cannabis outlets, separate from provincially owned liquor stores, and a government-controlled website will be the only place weed can lawfully be sold after Ottawa legalizes it on July 1. In a move that will close scores of illegal “dispensaries” that now dot Ontario cities, the LCBO will get its product from the medical marijuana producers licenced by Health Canada.
Only those 19 and older will be allowed to purchase or possess marijuana and pot consumption will be limited to private homes. Smoking weed will continue to be illegal in any public space, including parks, workplaces and motorized vehicles.

It ought to come as no surprise that Provincial Governments will be assuming management over the vast profits from the pot monopoly and will tax the product stupid whilst eliminating all competition. It's dead certain other provinces will follow Ontario's lead.