Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dr. Stoxxman Aggressive Venture Portfolio - Spring 2018 - Update II

Patriot One Technologies Inc. - PAT.v aims to directly address the growing Active Threat phenomena which has become a significant force for shaping research in weapons detection. Portable devices and software solutions assist security personnel in the detection of concealed weapons. $ 1.94 Now $ 1.75

Consolidating after financing.
PyroGenesis Canada Inc. - PYR.v is a leader in the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of advanced plasma processes. $ .68 Now $ .63

Financing closed.
Orca Gold Inc. - ORG.v is an exploration company focused in North and West Africa. Orca's flagship project is the Block 14 gold project, located in northern Sudan, near the border with Egypt. $ .53 Now $ .60

Red Back boys are drilling in Sudan.
Pascal Biosciences Inc. - PAS.v is a biotechnology company focused on harnessing the body’s immune system to fight cancer. Last at $ .48 Now $ .56

Juiced on big volume
Canada Jetlines Ltd. - JET.v is set to become Canada’s first ultra-low fare airline. $ 1.13 Now $ .78

Co's deal for leased aircaft fails, launch delayed.
Cornerstone Metals Inc. - CCC.v is advancing the flagship Carlin Vanadium Project. $ .41 Now $ .54

Vanadium is hot.
Antibe Therapeutics Inc. - ATE.v develops safer medicines for pain and inflammation. Antibe’s technology involves linking a hydrogen sulfide-releasing molecule to an existing drug to produce a patented, improved medicine. Antibe’s lead drug is ATB-346. $ .48 Now $ .50

Co's main drug passes trials.