Sunday, May 20, 2018

Fura Gems Inc. - FURA.v

Fura Gems Inc. - FURA.v is a gemstone mining and marketing company. FURA’s initial focus includes mining ruby assets in Mozambique and emeralds in Colombia.
On May 8, 2018 the company released News

Fura Gems Inc. announces today the discovery of a rare and exceptional 25.97 carat rough emerald at its Coscuez Colombian Emerald Mine located in Boyacá, Colombia. This Colombian Emerald is believed by the Company to be considered rare and exceptional due to its size, colour saturation and clarity. The discovery was made as part of an ongoing bulk sampling program that commenced in late March 2018. The 25.97 carat emerald has been named the “ÄRE Emerald”, named after a figure in ancient Colombian mythology responsible for the creation of the primary sources of emeralds in Colombia’s Boyacá region: the Fura and Tena mountains as well as the Rio Minero River. ​