Monday, September 23, 2019

Unigold Inc. - UGD.v

Unigold Inc. - UGD.v is focused on the flagship Neita concession in the Dominican Republic.

Unigold has been actively involved in exploration in the Dominican Republic for the past decade and is concentrated within the 75km-wide Cretaceous-age Tireo-formation volcano sedimentary rocks, known for hosting major deposits.
On September 19, 2019 the Company released News

"Unigold Inc. is pleased to announce that it has closed its previously announced private placement of 32,350,000 units of the Company at a price of $0.10 per Unit for gross proceeds of C$3,250,500. The funds will be used for continued exploration on the Neita Concession as the Company seeks to enlarge the known mineralization, and expand on the last results reported in 2016.

The proceeds from the Private Placement will be used to fund the Company's continued exploration and development of its gold assets in the Dominion Republic, and for general working capital purposes.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Mystery of the Pilbara gold nugget

An old-school gold rush kicked off in the Pilbara goldfields in 2017 with the discovery of hundreds of gold nuggets shaped like watermelon seeds. Since then, the mystery of the source has grown. Two competing theories try to explain ‘Pilbara nuggets.’

Nuggets ranged in size and shape, suggesting they may have been caused by a ‘rough and tumble’ life in ancient riverbeds in a sedimentary process. This involves weathering and erosion and squashed into another form of rock, called conglomerate. An alternative theory is the gold conglomerate may have been transformed and modified through hydrothermal events. These occur when hot fluids seep through faults and cracks in the rock causing the metal to deform under high temperature and pressure.
Scientists have examined the geology and geochemistry of samples taken from the region, with imaging results of the 2.8 billion-year-old rocks revealing information.
Data suggested a clear hydrothermal influence at some point in their history, however, whether the nuggets were originally formed through sedimentary processes can't be confirmed.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

4Front Ventures - FFNT.c

4Front Ventures - FFNT.c owns, operates or manages six cultivation and production facilities and 11 retail facilities across eight states.
On August 29, 2019 the company released News

4Front Holdings loses $5.37-million (U.S.) in Q2

4Front Ventures Corp. has released the interim unaudited financial results of 4Front Holdings LLC for the quarter ended June 30, 2019. Amounts are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated.

Because second quarter 2019 predated the closing of 4Front Holding's business combination with Cannex Capital Holdings Inc. on July 31, 2019, the reported and filed financial results are not consolidated and do not reflect the results of Cannex for the period.