Tuesday, November 10, 2020

GT Gold Corp. - GTT.v

GT Gold Corp. - GTT.v is focused on the flagship Tatogga property, located off highway 37 in northern B.C.

The discovery area combines a shallow bulk-tonnage-style gold at surface and, just below, a deep high-grade underground-style Cu-Au-Ag porphyry system.

On November 9, 2020 the company released News
GT Gold Corp. is pleased to announce that further to its news release of November 2, 2020, it has today closed the first tranche of its fully subscribed non-brokered private placement financing. The first tranche closing consists of the sale of 1,112,954 common shares at a price of C$1.25 per share for gross proceeds of C$1.39 million.
On January 16, 2019 the company released News - GT Gold Drills 53.73 metres of 10.00 g/t Au, 46.84 g/t Ag at Saddle South

Drill hole TTD135  Intersected 14.80 metres @ 4.29 g/t Au, 8.53 g/t Ag, from 34.00 to 48.80 metres o Including 6.50 metres @ 6.90 g/t Au, 12.16 g/t Ag, from 42.30 to 48.80 metres.
  Intersected 16.59 metres @ 1.79 g/t Au, 5.18 g/t Ag, from 62.50 to 79.09 metres o Including 1.50 metres @ 5.87 g/t Au, 8.93 g/t Ag, from 65.50 to 67.00 metres 
  Intersected 53.73 metres @ 10.00 g/t Au, 46.84 g/t Ag, from 93.27 to 147.00 metres o Including 35.73 metres @ 13.45 g/t Au, 68.01 g/t Ag, from 93.27 to 129.00 metres  Including 15.02 metres @ 24.90 g/t Au, 114.20 g/t Ag, from 93.27 to 108.29 metres  Including 6.73 metres @ 31.69 g/t Au, 92.89 g/t Ag, from 93.27 to 100.00 metres  Including 3.29 metres @ 27.52 g/t Au, 142.24 g/t Ag, from 105.00 to 108.29 metres 
  Intersected 2.59 metres @ 9.47 g/t Au, 6.30 g/t Ag, from 158.66 to 161.25 metres 

Friday, September 18, 2020

First Vanadium Corp - FVAN.v

On Nov 6, 2020 the co released News
"First Vanadium Corp. has resumed reverse circulation drilling on its gold target below the vanadium resource on its Carlin vanadium-gold property on the Carlin gold trend in Nevada."Carlin–type gold deposits are sediment-hosted disseminated gold deposits. They are characterized by invisible gold in pyrite and arsenopyrite. Carlin–type deposits represent some of the largest hydrothermal gold deposits in the world.
First Vanadium Corp - FVAN.v is advancing the Carlin Vanadium Project. The Carlin Vanadium Project contains one of North America’s largest, richest known primary deposits of vanadium.

First Vanadium has identified a large-scale Carlin-type gold system.

On Nov 2, 2020 the co released News

First Vanadium Corp. has released results from its first reverse circulation drill hole designed to provide an initial penetration into a potential gold target opportunity below the vanadium resource on its Carlin vanadium-gold property on the Carlin gold trend in Nevada. The gold opportunity was identified by renowned geologist and mine-finder Dave Mathewson, a former Newmont Regional Exploration Manager who is the Company's Geological Advisor and is the Qualified Person spearheading and supervising the gold drilling program.

Dave Mathewson states, "With our very first hole we have drilled into a significant large-scale Carlin-type gold system at a reasonable depth, much like I have seen elsewhere in the Carlin Gold Trend. "

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Alianza Minerals Ltd. - ANZ.v

Alianza Minerals Ltd. - ANZ.v is a prospect generator focused on the Americas, particularly the Cordilleran regions of western North and South America.

Alianza has four projects in Peru, eight in Nevada, six in the Yukon and three Mexico royalties.

On July 24, 2020 the company released News

Alianza Minerals Ltd. reports that crews have returned to site for completion of the 2020 reverse-circulation (“RC”) drilling program at the Horsethief Gold Property, Nevada. This work is funded by partner Hochschild Mining (US), a subsidiary of Hochschild Mining PLC (“Hochschild”, LSE:HOC) under an option to earn a 60% interest in the project by funding exploration expenditures of US$5 million over 5.5 years. Drilling is underway at pad RC-10, the seventh hole of the program.

Six holes have been completed to date, totalling 1,770 metres (5,805 feet) of drilling. Analytical results from the initial holes of the 2020 program have yet to be received and are expected soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Crescita Therapeutics Inc - CTX.v

Crescita Therapeutics Inc - CTX.v owns a portfolio of non-prescription skincare products and has one FDA approved prescription product, Pliaglis. Crescita owns the sales and marketing rights in over 20 countries available for out-licensing.

On Aug 12, 2020 the company released Numbers

  • Revenue was $1,733, a decrease of $7,629. In Q2-F2019, the Company recognized $5,459 in up-front payments and guaranteed future minimum royalties in connection with the out-licensing agreement with Cantabria Labs ("Cantabria" and the "Cantabria Agreement");
  • Gross profit was $1,092, representing a gross margin of 63.0%;
  • Operating expenses (excluding COGS) were $2,318, a decrease of $1,012;
  • Recorded a non-cash impairment charge on intangible assets of $1,918 to reflect the projected impact of the pandemic-driven decrease in demand for certain products and services;
  • Adjusted EBITDA1 was $(781), a decrease of $5,864, mainly due to the revenue recognized in connection with the Cantabria Agreement in Q2-F2019 of $5,459;
  • Ending cash position was $9,265, a decrease of $69 versus Q1-F2020 and flat versus Q4-F2019.